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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
As for Star Wars continuity or consistency, there never really has been any. Sure, it's not as bad as Highlander continuity, but it's pretty bad. It has been there since day one, when Star Wars was created to be a stand alone movie (remember, when Lucas wasn't sure he could make any sequels, and the only plans were for two novels which were different than what we got with ESB and ROTJ?). Star Wars has always contradicted itself, created loose ends and other problems. Now I'm all for consistency, but considering no story or characters have really been improved by their consistency (or lack of consistency) I think it's not really an issue.

I've said it before, but Star Wars has become more like King Arthur, where they just tell more stories with the same basic characters and concepts, not that they all fit together perfectly into one story. Even the original movies have that problem, like I said. You could reboot the EU for all I care, and nothing would change.

Bottom line: The CGI "Clone Wars" series (starting with the theatrical movie) is "T-Canon," in a class all by itself. Something similar to Episode II is assumed to have happened, but that's about it.

I see where your coming from Kurgan, on the issue of Star Wars continuity or consistency. But still, it would have been nice if they had just made the effort (even just a little bit) to make most of it fit in with the continuity of Star Wars mythical history. When you collect most of the Star Wars novels, comic books series, and the movies over the years as I have; something like the CGI "Clone Wars" series and the character Ahsoka herself, just really throws my understanding of the SW mythical history out of whack for me. But like you mentioned, there have been other story written inconsistencies in the past pertaining to Star Wars. So I guess the best bet would be to either except these out of place inconsistencies as they are, or just ignore them completely in order to make sense of it all.

Anyway, just for the sake of predictions, as this thread seems to indicate, pertaining to the stories of the CGI "Clone Wars" and Ahsoka herself. - If there was a poll on Ashoka's destiny, I would have voted that she dies at the hands of Count Dooku as a few others have mentioned here in the past months; and that would be another event that would of course, fuel or continue Anakin's path towards the darkside. I mean, If I was a professional writer - that's the way I would have ended the character's future in trying to stay within the continuity of Star Wars mythical history. But anyway - that's just my 2 cents, nothing more.

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