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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
need a list of tips/tweaks that should be done to maximize my pleasure. Please?
strange for a newlywed to be asking this Rhettski

From Techradar

67 Windows 7 tips, tricks and secrets

From Download squad

7 free Windows 7 tweaking utilities

7 Taskbar Tweaker gives you more control over the Windows 7 superbar

One not covered in those (I think) is getting the sidebar back the way it is in Vista, where it sits on top of other windows and browsers etc don't cross over it. Best use along with the sidelaunch gadget - best gadget if you have an exhaustive list of shortcuts but don't like to clutter your desktop or taskbar

Vista sidebar in W7 workaround

It ends up looking like this(my list goes all the way to the screen bottom nowdays) - great screen real estate saver. Pic below is from my vista install but it essentially looks the same in W7, esp of you get rid of the clunky taskbar and restore it to how it looks in vista

If you hate that windows auto resize(snap) like I do, you can switch of off in access settings as outlined HERE

If you happen to use the inbuilt windows media center app, this Hack7MC does a great job at compiling all the tips and tweaks from around the nerdy 7MC sites across the world. If you're into archiving a large multimedia collection for playback on your swanky TV, apps like mediabrowser for 7MC are a must.

Finally, whist not W7 specific - if you happen to be using office 2007, you cant go past these:

Office tab, creates firefox-like tabs for each document in word, excel etc. Great if you run many docs at once. Site is in chinese though download/link is in English

Save as PDF Plugin for Office 2007 from MS. They should have included it by default, but here it is anyway. Very handy if you're in office 2007 a lot and need to output PDFs

good luck


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