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Ashtin slowly closed his eyes and licked his lips lightly. He was starting to get hungry but not for a ice cream sundae. With a small sigh and a shrug of his shoulders he nodded his head. Speaking at the moment didn't really seem necessary to him, sometimes speaking could be considered a waste of energy.

The memories of the time he use to be able to hunt for his food flooded his mind. In a small way it made his mouth water. It was a thrill to hunt for his food, to see the terror in they're eyes. Now... now he is stuck trying to survive off of blood packs that don't give him as nearly the amount of strength as fresh blood from the veins did. In a way, thinking upon his current situation you could almost consider him to be human.


Rusu had grown a little tired of the room his friend Manson had provided for him. And he still wasn't familiar with the place he had traveled too. It would be true that Rusu was feeling rather tired, the trip being long, but he was getting an uneasy feeling that he couldn't shake. Like something about this place was about to go down. He found his way to the cafeteria and decided that eating would be a good idea.

"I doubt Manson prepared for my arrival with something I could eat." Rusu mumbled to himself as he walked down the cafeteria.

Nuts, dried fruit and a various assortment of vegetables was all Rusu needed to survive. His people frowned upon the killing and eating of the flesh of other living creatures. Everything had a right to live upon this planet and thrive just like the next creator before it. However respect for living things in these days was growing short and was becoming very popular. As man kind grew, so did the space they needed to inhabit, which meant eradication of other beings that inhabited the area before them.

Slightly to Rusu's surprise he found a bag of dried fruit. Taking it he could hear the bag crinkle from his grip. Walking over to a table he opened the bag of dried fruit and took a seat.

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