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I also have this issue. In addition to the weird concourse colors, I am getting weird blocks of blackness that forms in my game, in-flight. The more stuff that blows up on screen, the worse the blackness gets. I can see the cockpit I am in perfectly fine, the background (starfields) are fine, and my lasers show up nicely. However, anything outside those items will start to get obscured. Even my yellow targeting bracket starts to become hard to see. I am able to pause the game, go to the menu and it clears up the screen, but then the process starts all over again.

I am running an ATI 4850, latest drivers. Windows 7 64 bit.
I have a dual boot to WinXP 32bit, and the game does not have this issue. Maybe a hint that its Windows 7 64 bit and not the video card itself...

PS - my concourse looks just like that screenshot btw. Parts of the concourse and menu areas are fine, while others are wild with color...

EDIT - just tried Tie Fighter CD - getting the same color saturation on the menu, but much less pronounced. Also am getting the same black block patches in-game. But again, its much less pronounced there as well. And it kind of clears itself when I target something and move the targeting reticule over it...

EDIT2 - same issue with black square patches in XWA. Menu interface is fine. Crap, can't play any of them in Win7.

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