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Originally Posted by Xarwarz View Post
ok constructive criticism is fine but cut me some slack here and give the mod a chance... i don't know why everybody keeps talking about tiling which would be lines repeating each other the fist pick is a rust effect on the building and ground. It does not look bad in game when im done it will look good then every one can give me a fair judgement.

I did so many planets between tsl and kotor and your telling me you didn't like not one planet come on man......
Hey, that is the downside of mod-making, gotta take lumps sometimes.

I appreciate your dedication and continued work, and I like some of what you do. However, TriggerGod's and other's criticism of your work is justified - many of your "improved" textures either seem totally out-of-place, or there is substantial tiling, which is hugely distracting in that it removes any realism from the texture.

Your experience making these mods does not make them or this one good. It is the community which makes these judgments, which ever way it turns out.
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