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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Seems to be about as stupid as the seatbelt laws.
I see a huge difference between texting and seatbelt laws: if you're not wearing a seatbelt you don't suddenly become more dangerous to other people on the road, it's your own life (still in countries where health care is public and were there's a no fault system for accidents implicating a motor vehicle, there can be an argument there too).

I rarely use a cell phone while driving (I limit it to "huh....looks like there's a huge traffic jam and I'll be late" or "I'm on the road, I'll call you back later" despite the fact that I use a Bluetooth system that connects to my car radio and speakers). Laws here prohibit using a cell phone (whether to text or talk) unless it is a hands free device (still, the attention span isn't always optimal even if using a hands free device).

If someone is recklessly driving while texting, can’t the police officer already give them a citation for reckless driving?
The problem is that proving someone was reckless might (at least it "does" where I live) require a much more complicated and uncertain (and expensive) evidence (which requires a case by case appreciation) rather than just proving someone was texting (a mere matter of fact). You might have an example right here:
Originally Posted by Bimmerman
Texting I'll do at a stoplight, nowhere else. It sometimes takes 3 stoplights to get a message sent.
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