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^^Agreed, no one's WIP or released mod should be dismissed without being given a chance.

I do not think the work you are doing is easy.

I do not think the work you are doing is un-original.

I like that you are modding.

I support any legit modding, as I support any legit modder. You are one! Just realize that not everyone is going to love your work; in fact, many won't, and some will let you know it just to make themselves feel better. This community is largely comprised of children, smart ones, but children, so it should not be surprising to anyone if careless words are spoken. Something it has taken me a while to get my head around, and I still don't like it -- which means I am old.

Keep up the work, improve upon it where you can, heed advice that seems reasonable, and discard anything that smacks of stupidity or wants to derail you.
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