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Doesn’t birth control violate some people’s religious beliefs? So it is acceptable to you for the Government to violate the Constitution in order to suppress the birthrate of the poor?

Speaking from the child born into poverty, I will state that not all children born into poverty stay there, many contribute profoundly to society and the tax rolls later in life. Even people that are below the poverty line at one time in their lives have pulled themselves out of it and contributed to society.

I also find it extremely funny that when you place “stipulations and interferences” on industries requiring government assistances, you are called a socialist, but it perfectly alright to do it to the little man.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
He later clarified that he meant that if parents were not more involved in school, they should have benefits like welfare, health care, etc taken from them because they are, quote, "lazy".
Couldn’t there also be another explanation for them not being involved in the child’s school? I don’t know something like they are working. My mother worked 2 jobs until I was 5th grade to support me and my grandmother. Yes, she missed many school functions, but she did this so that I did not have to miss a meal.

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