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You can give a person (the horse) an education (take him to the water), but you can't make him drink it (learn anything).
Except you can when it commes to using education as birth controll. How much they learn is a diferent matter, but it would at least make them more employable as a side effect.

The terminally stupid, like the poor (sometimes, but not always the same), will always be around.
Leaving aside the fact that I find it impossible to define a proportion of the population as terminally stupid. It depends on how you define poor, but using the common way in the western world (anything less than half of the median wage), it's theoretically possible to remove it completely, not that I see it as likely to happen. However, what certainly is possible is to lessen the fraction of the population being poor, or, probably more relevant to the question at hand (and easier), reduce the number girls with little education.

Oh, and like mim, I don't like the idea of the government making it impossible for a section of the population to have children without a very good reason. Provide incentives, sure, but not to the point where the alternative is basically "feed from the trash"

Checking out seems not to do much.
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