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Reproduction is a basic human right. Advocating mandatory birth control is draconian. There are a lot of strict Catholics in the town I live in, and this would be a violation of their religious beliefs.

Most people don't _want_ to be in poverty. The idea that poverty is caused by laziness is appalling. Sometimes people just have horrendously bad things happen to them that kills their ability to make a living for awhile or forever. We certainly didn't want to be on welfare and food stamps after my dad had a heart attack at age 38 and had to have open heart surgery. There were 3 of us kids in the family. Are you telling me that because there were more than 2 of us kids, one of us should have gone hungry while we were on welfare? However, it was the only way we could afford to eat. Most of the people I've met on disability would give their eyeteeth to have their health restored so they could work again. Many people in poverty would love to have jobs of any kind, or jobs that paid more than minimum wage so they could escape poverty. With the economy the way it is now and unemployment in the 10% range and underemployment even higher, how are people supposed to find jobs with decent wages so they can get out of the welfare hole? Politicians calling people lazy when the lawmakers are sitting on their butts doing nothing constructive to fix the economic problems that lead to this recession/depression are horrendously hypocritical.

Now, I'll have to double check, but WI has a "Workfare" program where if you get welfare, you're required to be out looking for a job, unless you're on disability. I believe there is also a reduction of benefits for each child past the 2nd or 3rd one if you're already on welfare and decide to have more kids, but I don't know if that's current policy.

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