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Originally Posted by katanamaru View Post
Where will this new system be implemented?
How will it stay objective?
Will you go back and review all previous mods or only new mods?

If I was a reviewer my views would vary greatly from others. I only play the sp game so any mp only mod would unfortunetly receive a low score for me. It wouldn't be fair.
If someone only played mp, as is mostly the case, they would be harsher for mods that related to the sp portion of the game. Not fair either.

Your system is too subjective.
well the point was to get ideas together to make it fair and balanced. With or without a rating system people have there favorite types of mods. You of course would need impartial people. Think of a gaming magazine do you think the reviewers like every game they look at no but you have to give it a fair rating.
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