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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
Reproduction is a basic human right.
Arguing that something is a "basic human right" seems to be a common tactic to get people to stop questioning a certain position on it. Why is reproduction a human right? I'm not being facetious here when I'm asking because I really want to know. Reproduction is a basic human capability, it is no more special than cat reproduction, whale reproduction, or fish reproduction. Every living being, human or otherwise, is capable of reproduction. We deny this ability to many creatures, why is it a "human right"?

Men and women are capable of reproduction, but in vastly different ways. A woman can reproduce on her own(with modern technology), but a man cannot. Does this mean that women have a greater reproductive right than men? Men cannot reproduce without a woman(or artificial womb, which is yet to be developed), does this mean that men are denied a basic human right? If that's the case, half the population is being denied a basic human right! Should we institute laws that mandate that all men must be given a woman to reproduce with? Should we make laws that say all women should have access to artificial insemination to ensure they have the ability to use their right to reproduce?

That would just be silly. Reproduction is not a right, it's a capability, at best it's a privilege granted to those who have proven themselves capable of either earning a mate(in the case of men), or finding a way around mating(artificial insemination). And what of people who were born or made infertile(by birth, purpose, or accident), should we ensure that they too can reproduce? What of people with serious genetic conditions, I hate to get eugenic here, but is it healthy to say that people who we know will produce unhealthy children should be allowed to reproduce?

Again, reproduction is not necessary to an individual's life, they won't die if they never do it, and half the population can't even have a child without someone from the other half. Unlike breathing, drinking, or eating, you don't NEED to reproduce, and therefore, it is NOT a right.

Reproduction should be considered a privilege at best and beyond that generally regarded as only a basic aspect of being an organic, dual-sexed species.

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