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Originally Posted by Brin_Londo5 View Post
Y'know, considering that TSL was an unfinished and badly-enacted retcon of KotOR in the first place, I'm not feeling any outrage at TOR at all.
I really don't see how it was a badly enacted retcon of KotOR; I really like TSL; I know the game is divisive, but I don't personally see how it retcons TSL, unless you happen to believe what Kreia tells you - and I'd say regard everything she says with an air of scepticism.

Originally Posted by Brin_Londo5 View Post
Retcon #1 (and the most egregious, in my opinion) was the (Krea's) claim that the Jedi Council wiped Darth Revan's memories and then gave him a new identity loyal to the Republic, but all statements concerning this in KotOR stated simply that the Jedi Council couldn't RESTORE Revan's personality "since Revan was too dangerous"; to me this implies that Revan's loss of memory was more due to cerebral damage that the turbolaser explosion on the bridge inflicted by Malak's attack before Bastilla saved Revan's life.
See, I disagree, I'd say even within K1 it is hinted at that the Jedi Masters gave him a Republic loyal personality; consider the revelation video and Bastila saying "What greater weapon is there, than to turn an enemy to your cause". Furthermore Kreia just states that the Jedi Masters just revealed the true Revan again; she doesn't say they "mind raped" him.

Originally Posted by Brin_Londo5 View Post
Add to this the (completely fanon) idea that Krea is Arren Kae (and thus the Handmaiden's mommy), the near-ineffectiveness of the Exile (who can't seem to make a lightsaber without an engineer on hand, or even WITH one if the previous ten years is accounted for), and the Fixer-Sue characters that continually save the day, I'd say let TSL die a slow death.
Given the evidence, I don't think we can really conclude much on the Arren Kae/Kreia side of things; I'm sure if there was an intention they were the same person that, that will be retconned out of existence. Personally I like the Arren Kae/Kreia theory, despite your condescension of it.

Originally Posted by Brin_Londo5 View Post
The only reason I still play it is that my newer quad-core processor PC has no problem running the TSL software, while KotOR itself crashes every fifteen seconds or so (still haven't gotten off the Endar Spire on this new rig, and I might not ever.)
If it wasn't for the Ultimate Saber Mod, I'd have retired TSL a year ago, and stuck to Jedi Academy.
See, I really like K2 because it returned Star Wars to being far more gritty, like the first two films were opposed to the happy kids films, that Lucas took the series in the direction of.

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