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Hey peoples! Okay, I just found a solution to a problem I had, I don't know if this is already out there, but just thought I'd post it in case anybody else has this problem too...

I just got a new laptop with Windows 7 (no more Vista ), and put on the works for modding. To my dismay, when I tried to import any models, I got the following message:
CoCreateInstance() failed 
Please check your registry entries 
CLSID {F088EA74-2E87-11D3-B1F3-00C0F03C37D3}
This kind of put a stop to a lot of things. I couldn't find anything relating to this for a while, but I remembered vaguely reading something somewhere . . . I finally figured out that I need to run 'nwmax' as an administrator, not just run it. Problem fixed. Yay! I'm back in business.

Edit: hmm, then it wouldn't let me export, till I restarted nwmax without the administrator stuff... it's picky, isn't it

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