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Was it programed to fill in what was missing(blank slate) or was it reprogramed to suppress the "Darth Revan" persona?
I'd say a little of both (his mind was not entirely blown up, so he had some memories left but they were all ****ed up & incoherent, so they "wiped" that excess gobbledygook when they programmed in the fake past). I'd rather just say the first one (because that's how it is explained as in KotOR, but there's no other way to reconcile the sources. Still, I'd almost bet money that the only reason that article says that the Council planned to reprogram Revan from the beginning is because whoever wrote that has a ****ed-up brain and thought that that's how the game said it was (the game itself says that the original point of the mission was just to kill or capture Darth Revan, nothing about reprogramming him until after they find out he's brain-damaged).

Furthermore, don't the Jedi Masters on Dantooine say they've never heard of the Star Forge before at all?

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