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As far as the state of Revan's damaged mind, I go with what was explained in game.
Especially since Drew Karpyshyn was the lead writer. In reference to his "Dynasty of Evil" book Drew blogged:
So, if you haven't read the book I'll just state that I am a proponent of the reliable narrator. If the narrator tells you something, you can believe it. I don't try to trick the reader; I won't lie to you in the narrator's voice. Keep that in mind and the ending should be clear.
I'm only pointing out that what's been established after the fact(retcon), casts the actions of the the Jedi masters in a different light.

Can you imagine the scene on top of the Rakatan temple summit with Bastila if she had said 'oh, BTW you memories were fine. The Jedi Council just decided to make you their B****!'

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