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Smile A belated response (sorry)

Originally Posted by Grim_comician View Post
garrythefish> Well, I can't exactly tell if it's official, but the translation and release of the Russian version of Grim Fandango have been issued by the now-discontinued Fargus Multimedia (Фаргус Мультимедия). A familiar friend gave it me when I visited Moscow around ten years ago and I still have it around me. Of course, I've heard rumors of high piracy rate in Russia these days and I'm sceptical whether that Russian version of GF is legal or not.
I comfirmed the legality of the version. I found out that Russia at the time didn't have licensed companies that sold games nor was it regulated, and thus game is perfectly legit. Because of the superb quality of the translation and the quite unique juridical position the translation was produced in, it's OK in the eyes of team. Thanks for supplying the MD5.

Originally Posted by Colossal View Post
why do you need to detect the versions
In order to properly categorize them and treat them within the code differently, as different versions might have different problems. MD5 detection is used to distinguish versions by recognizing them.
Originally Posted by bobby6killer View Post
always need it ?

size: 386 292 bytes

md5deep -p 5000 GRIM.TAB | find /i "offset 0-5000" -> 3bd00ca87214862c012ac99e1758dd83
Thanks bobby6killer for md5.

Those are all MD5s, at least those that I requested. Again thank you guys. Sorry for the belated response.

And now for the fruits of my latest research. There is still a Taiwanese, South Korean and Portugese version, I think.

So if someone happens to have them or know someone who does, please notify me

I welcome you, in the behalf of the team, to join IRC channel for a chat, to discussions in the Residual official forum or simply take a look at the official Residual website or wiki. Grim Fandango fans united!

Viva La Revolución!

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