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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
If you played Kotor,
Don't even go there, my wife complained when I had to buy a newer copy of KotOR because the original play disc was so scratched up I couldn't use it to reinstall, I'd played it so often.

then you would know that they hinted that they wiped his memory and gave him a pet one. Remember in Revelations? I do know that Revan did take a serious blow during that attack, but it never really did any permanent damage, as TSL states when Revan remembers the Unknown Threat
Which, except for one throw-away line by Malak, who (like Kreia) wasn't there, is entirely Kreia's word, she of the self-contradictory statements, habitual lies, and bald-faced proclamations about multiple things that she herself was not there for.
To quote my post in the "A message for Bioware: Please think of the TSL fans" thread: that's the thing that drives me up the wall about the TSL crowd, they KNOW that Kreia lies about EVERYTHING, and yet they treat her words (no matter how self-contradictory they are) as if they descended from the heavens on fifty-foot stone slabs with flaming writing inscribed upon them, direct from Canon heaven. Mind you, my wording was a bit harsh, but it remains essentially true, Kreia's an utter nutcase (albeit a seemingly sane-appearing one at first glance), yet to the more fanatical TSL gamers she's always truthful, apparently, even when she's tellimg bald-faced lies.

Well, its TSL which inspired people to mod Kotor in the 1st place. There was so much cut content that people wanted to restore it.
Wrong, modders were modding KotOR before that, mods like Revan's Mask and Revan's Mask +, Segan Whynds Sabers, the Carth Romance Fix, and other mods, long before TSLRCM was a twinkle in the communities eyes.

I personally like TSL because it is dark. More suited for the older age group. You need to really listen in the game to understand.
Go ahead and Like it all you want, it doesn't change the fact that a lot of the retconned "facts" you guys grip so tightly to happen to be based on the words of a (fictional) madwoman with a penchant for grandiose statements and pathological lies.

As for your assumption on my age, let me just say I've been paying taxes since the mid 1980's, so apparently the "older age group" is in their late 50's and 60's.

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