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I promised myself to keep away from these discussion since a good time ago. Simply because the lack of news regarding the franchise led me to think we'd run out of issues regarding the games and we'd be running around in vicious circles. It seems I was right, just posting to rectify what seems to be intentionally spread misinformation.
Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
Well, yes people modded Kotor before, but TSL had so much cut content, it inspired MORE modders to mod for Kotor and TSL. So before you say I'm wrong, look at other people's posts, say LoH in DeadlyStream. He gathered information about the Mods for TSL. link
With all due respect to LoH and his mods, all his team's work did was broadening the possibilities. Long before him, modders were already on their hard work of changing the games without the fancy tools we have today but the original Fred Tetra's toolset. And some of the most inspired mods date from that time.


.Bioshock inspiration.

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