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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del
I believe he knows that. Doesn't keep anyone from answering you, though.
Yes, I know. I just responded to their posts.

Originally Posted by Brin_Londo5
I wasn't trying to insult everyone who likes TSL, just the ones who seem to take Obsidians retcons of the events portrayed in the original KotOR as somehow higher canon than the KotOR creators actual in-game statements.
There is no such thing as "higher canon" actually, Everything is equally canon And Obsidian does not "retcon" as you say things. They added their own story, because they felt Kotor needed a plot that was original, not the same thing we see every time in the movies.

Originally Posted by Brin_Londo5
C'mon, guys, remember, this is Kreia's statements I'm talking about, and she wasn't even there for 99% of the stuff she's preaching on
If she wasn't there, then how does she know so much about the Mandalorian Wars or the Jedi Civil War? Not even the Jedi Historians knew what really happened out there. This is where the Kae/Kreia theory comes in. And, actually, this topic is supposed to be on Revan and Malak, not Kreia.

Originally Posted by Brin_Londo5
I'd rather take Bastilla and the Jedi council's word over the words of Kreia as to what happened, seeing as how they were there and she wasn't.
Actually, Bastila and the Jedi Council never entered the Mandalorian Wars, they just sat on their chairs and "meditated" on what to do like imbeciles, which is one of the reasons why Kreia hates the Jedi, for their arrogance and lack of knowledge and action. The Jedi Council did not do much action in the JCW. They weren't on the front lines, and Bastila was only in a few battles. Kreia also worked in secret on Malachor with her two apprentices, Nihilus and Sion. But she had someway of knowing what happened during the JCW. If not, then how did she tell the player so much on what happened during when the player was travelling during his/her exile?

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