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Originally Posted by TKA-001
Look up what you're talking about before you talk about it.
Oh but I did. What I ment was theres canon and theres non-canon, and then theres fanon.

What information do you base this conclusion on?
The fact that they only followed them so far, that they never really knew what happened at Malachor.

Recently (by which I mean half a year ago) debunked by the comic Knights of the Old Republic 42: Masks, which shows that Revan's Jedi were actually supported by the Council and their followers basically from the beginning (after the Order learned about what had happened to Cathar).
Hmm, from what I read the Order did not follow them. They wanted to "asses" the threat. In the Mando wars, it was the Revanchists, not the Order, which supported the Republic during the war. The Revanchists had to act on their own, or so I heard, because The Order did not follow Revan to the Unknown did they? Nor Malachor, or Serroco? I base my information from what I learned from the games, the comics, etc.

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