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((I'm back! ))

Moxie smiled when Ashtin agreed to tag along. She held his arm and rested her head on his shoulder. "I'm glad you're coming too, Ash." She looked at Darius, who was also excited, and smiled.

"C'mon! Let's head to the cafeteria." And with that, she began to walk towards the door.


After sitting down, and listening to Baldur speak, Sonya was in her own little world. She kept staring at her new instructor, smiling. It was like she was hypnotized by his looks. And to top it off, he wore red and black, just like her!

Sonya came back to reality, after Baldur stopped spinning the pistol, due to a snap from it.

"Before we begin, there is something I will need to ask you; have you ever killed anyone?"

The young girl gulped and chuckled nervously, playing with her fingers. "Well... ya see... heh heh... I uh... not really. Do bugs count?" Sonya smiled nervously.


"Its nice to meet you Mr. Manson. The names John Carmine, I'm a friend of Moxie and Sonya...but I'm not here to catch up on old times, I wanna join up."

Manson nodded with an impressed smile. "I see. So... what are you good at? Shooting? Spying? Both?"
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