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"Well... ya see... heh heh... I uh... not really. Do bugs count?" Sonya smiled nervously."

Baldur exchanged a grim look of disapointment. He rubbed his eyes with the tips of his fingers. "This may be more difficult than I first imagined." he muttered. "Then I'll assume you have had no previous firearm training. Dont worry, thats soon about to change."

He stood up from the table, after placing his pistols back into their respective holsters. Then, out of the occurance suddenly vanished into red mist. He suddenly materialised behind his new apprentice.

"Lets begin our Orientation, shall we?" he placed a gloved hand onto her shoulder, and after a second the two vanished. They then materialised into the Proving Grounds of SS Headquarters. They appeared right behind one of the many cubicles of the Shooting Range.

"I want to see how well you can use a pistol before we try anything more extreme." he added.
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