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I think the reason why some people think like this is because since it is set in modern times kids (like me) can better relate to it. I remember asking a friend about CoD3 (I had a vague interest in it a while back) and he replied "I dunno something about Nazis in France". Out of curiousity I asked a couple of my fellow students about WW2 (specifically D-Day) and apparently Normandy is a country. In contrast however when our gym teacher was leaving for Iraq, my friends turned into immediate experts (CoD4 had helped them well). It was suprising really, not only because of their knowledge but I also got to wear a helmet and a combat vest (bragging rights on this forum lol). It still worries me though about how MW2 is glorifying war. One level your mowing down civilians (you know to "show" the horrors of war) the next level your playing something out of a summer action flick. Also Tingler it does have sticky grenades (Semtex).

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