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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Seatbelts are an important safety device for maintaining control of your vehicle. A simple bump in the road can cause you to lose control by literally being bounced out of your seat. Granted it's only a slim possibility, but I've seen it happen to a friend of mine. It was funny to us at the time, but then we were out in a field.
Apparently not so slim a possibility. Here's what seat belt use has done for me.
1. Kept me in my seat when I was driving way too fast over a set of train tracks that then had a steep drop-off on the other side. I hit the tracks, and then thought, "Oh, sh*t, the road's gone!" My car went airborne in the best movie fashion. Even with my seatbelt on, I was momentarily airborne, too. My head hit the roof of the car, but the seatbelt kept me in the seat otherwise. If I hadn't had it on, I would have been bounced out of the seat entirely, and out of control of the car.
2. Kept me from faceplanting (or going through) the windshield when a very large tank of a car plowed into our bitty Hyundai Excel. I got mild whiplash and a sprained back, but the seatbelt kept me from major head, face, and neck injuries.
3. Kept me, when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter, from hitting the steering column with my belly when a guy (talking on his cell phone) turned left right in front of me even though I'd had the green light for a good minute.
4. Kept me from hitting my head any harder than I did on the side window when a guy decided to run a stop sign without looking to see who was coming down the road (me, with right-of-way)
5. Kept my then-3 year old son (in his car seat) from getting hurt in accident 3.
6. Kept both my kids from any injury whatsoever in accident 4 above.

Do I play the music way too loud in my car at times? Yes. Do I sing at the top of my lungs with that way-too-loud music? Yes. Do I eat in my car? Yes. Drink iced tea or coffee? Yes. Talk on my phone? Yes, when I need to. Text while driving? No.

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