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Combine the depth of saber style and the danger of JO and JA with the actual choice and detail of KoTOR and the Dynamic and extraordinary interpretation of force powers in FU. What you have is a non turn based Star Wars game with extraordinary powers, realism of death by saber mixed matched battles do to saber styles and type of saber, true detail and differance...Maybe AI factionism like mandalorian, empire/sith, jedi/republic coupled with light and darkside force choices for real individual multiple outcome game play. And like in KoTOR don't be scared to expose players to in depth lore and choices lke Jedi enclave and Korriban trials etc etc. Perfect game .....replay FOREVER!!!

"You must begin by gaining power over yourself; then another; then a group, an order, a world, a species, a group of species… finally, the galaxy itself."
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