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I'm surprised no one had posted this thread, so I will. In some news shows, they have had specials which discuss Autism. I know Larry King has on CNN, but only a few others have as well. Autism is a genetic disease that occurs before birth, and plagues them for life. I know that there is many variants of Autism. Aspergers is one of them. Some people confuse Autism with down's syndrome, but if you study people who do have very closely, you will notice the difference. Many cannot talk, have a weird personality, and/or are influenced easily by other people, especially by adults. I know there are many other symptoms of Autism, but I'm not good with names. Some parents feel Autism is a curse, others a blessing. Many parents are just not equipped for the challenge.

I read in the Newspaper that people are studying how Autism works, and maybe how to treat it. There has been a debate about it for years, whether to pay attention to it or not. Hopefully we can stabilize our economy, however impossible as it seems, and then it may be possible to fund a program to research some more of it. Like a grant or something. I think a few colleges have applied for a grant to study Autism but I'm not exactly sure

I don't have a direct source, but I have gathered information from various sources over the years. Yes criticize me if you must, but I have done my best. I will research more if i have the time. I would like to know your thoughts on the issue. I have added this as a summary of what I know of the illness
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