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This plot sounds good. The only thing i mind is Ben's father being rich. I would prefer a Todd-ish fat old guy. If he was rich , why look forward for the money from the Rottwheelers? I also thought Ben met Malcolm Corley the first time in the Kickstand. The town name sounds a bit cheesy. I would prefer Dust / Dirt Town , or Junktown.

IMO , Ben's father should be a poor old bastard living in a dump shack. Receiving the offer from the Rottwheelers , he wouldn't ressist putting his son out of the Business for money. If he was a politician , i'm quite sure he wouldn't. But it's your game , make it how you want. I'm supporting you , and i'm quite sure the other fans are too. Good Luck.

P.S. : Could you send me or post some of the fangame names ? I never thought that such games even exist!

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