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Three Word Story

Time to spur up your creativity! This game has multiple rules so listen well

Three words per post. Double posting or quoting is not allowed. No you cannot add lines of three words. You can comment, but thats it.

Read the posts above you carefully, and continue on with the story at hand. If you finish the story with a period, then a new one will begin

Try to stay on topic, and no crazy stuff like "Dog in Banana" (WTF?)

Give others a chance to post, this is not a spam contest.

Try to use minimal to no cussing. You can say things like crap, but thats it.

To show that the story goes on put a ... after your three words. If you finish a story, but a period at the end. Then next poster then gets to chose the topic

Be appropriate, don't say stuff that will offend people.

If you follow the rules in this thread, you should be fine. I'll start off.

A new day...
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