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Unhappy Serious graphics problem, need help.

I am having the same kind of graphics problem that a couple of people had in the past, but I don't think a definitive answer was reached, but, i need help if someone can. Firstly, my characters at the selection menu only show half of them, and then, there's all of this as well:

As you can see in that first pic, my character looks like she is sinking into the ground! That should not be happening at all. And then there's this:

The creek is high up instead of down at Jaden's feet where it should be, and i don't see the ship or Rosh for that matter either. And this problem appears to probably only plague the Yavin maps, as I tried ones like Korriban and t2_trip and they were fine, it's just the Yavin maps that are completely screwed up. Please, someone let me know what to do to fix this!!
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