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Well, now I wasn't aware asperger's syndrome and autism were anything the same or similar.

I do hate how certain general behaviors and traits automatically gets you labelled as one thing or another.

Have a friend who is autistic. It's not something of his behavior he can control. He has an insanely high grasp of math, and can replicate a 3-d model by sculpting, whatever he's set upon, almost to a tee. I.E. He has molded the dirt and mud in his back yard after the Hollywood highway system, he has also remade what was a photo of Mars' surface. He can't really have a normal conversation and his ways of examination are unusual, aggressive and direct.

(Wonders if generations of breeding super highly analytical people might make a genetic factor.)

Interesting and unusual people. I'm aware it is a condition of the brain, perhaps an abnormality that varies in severity. Some are amazingly and highly functional, others can only paw at walls and crawl around and can't talk--or something similar like that (all cases are different).

Certainly, I'm interested to know the realities (layman's as possible, please) of this. If I am mistaken, please do enlighten me. In general, I think high functioning autistic people can do things average people could not hope to do in logical activities and such.
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