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((Alright, I'll be unavailable for the next week, until next Sunday; to all of you guys, just keep the story going while I'm gone, and hopefully it will be progressed by the time I'm back ))

Revan nodded. "I see, Lord Kandor. It seems that I have made a lapse in judgement as to the strength of the Republic forces, and its will to fight us off.

Well, as you can see, the war is already underway. We have completely taken Foerost, but only singly Republic base remains, and they are fighting well. I have relayed orders to the Captain in charge of the assault on that base, and she has given them term of surrender. Whether they surrender or die, Foerost is taken and Coruscan't lifeline is cut.

Here is your next order, Lord-Marshall; if you return to the star Forge, you will find a fleet of Four Interdictor Class Capital ships, and the Dreadnought Deathreaver, a massive ship built off the Ravager, a great Republic ship lost at Malachor, which you may use as a flagship if you desire. You will also find five cruisers, six carriers, 26 frigates, and a total of about 5,000 fighter pilots.

Take this mass of forces and lead an assault on the Republic world of Endethron IV. The Republic fleet their surpasse the one you will be leading in both firepower and numbers, but we have the will of the Force on our side. We will prevail.

Take the fleet, and crush the Republic!"

Let there be rock!

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