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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
I know, right? I've tried for over an hour to come up with a satisfactory voicing of my opinions on such, but I... just can't. It all pisses me off. Categorizing ****...
Oh, It's people running around with a know-it-all mind "diagnosing" everything. A "diagnosis" or knowledge is not an understanding. Of anything. Period. Some people just need to be put back down in their place.

Ever notice how effective this is for reasoning when suggesting putting kids on medications? I think there are several doctors that are in the pockets of pharmaceuticals who also profit off of this. It's like everyone needs to be on pills or something. If not by one's own deficiency, by someone else's standards. It's disgusting.

Also I frown upon people who do a charade to get special attention/treatment as it really is an insult to those with real disabilities. This alone is an entire subject that could fill another thread. However, I don't typically like spending my time looking down on others.

It amazes me how every little thing is a "disability": I haven't met many people who wouldn't (very) generally fit into something. Men it's ADD/ADHD, or women it's bi-polar. If everyone has it, then it doesn't qualify as a handicap or a disability.
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