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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Oh, It's people running around with a know-it-all mind "diagnosing" everything. A "diagnosis" or knowledge is not an understanding. Of anything. Period. Some people just need to be put back down in their place.

Ever notice how effective this is for reasoning when suggesting putting kids on medications? I think there are several doctors that are in the pockets of pharmaceuticals who also profit off of this. It's like everyone needs to be on pills or something. If not by one's own deficiency, by someone else's standards. It's disgusting.

Also I frown upon people who do a charade to get special attention/treatment as it really is an insult to those with real disabilities. This alone is an entire subject that could fill another thread. However, I don't typically like spending my time looking down on others.

It amazes me how every little thing is a "disability": I haven't met many people who wouldn't (very) generally fit into something. Men it's ADD/ADHD, or women it's bi-polar. If everyone has it, then it doesn't qualify as a handicap or a disability.

Are you a doctor? Because only Doctors can truly classify disabilities. Calling Autism an "insult" for being called a disability or handicapped is wrong. Heres why: When you are in wheelchair, that is a disability, but with Autism, Bipolar, and ADHD, they struggle every day, even those who say they don't. Many mentally handicapped children go into drugs, especially Bipolar kids. I went to a school which dealt with drugs and achohol abuse as well as other disorders,(also was a school for smart kids) and pretty much all of them had disabilities including ADHD, Autism, and Bipolar.

I'm not saying other types of handicapped like spine injury are lesser, but Autism is much more serious then you assume. And your "special treatment" as you say they get, is not always true. Some can function without it. Usually the "special attention" is only temporary.

On your part of "doctors make a profit" part of your little speech, actually the insurance companies are what make the profit. See, they are all about money. And the pills give both the Doctors and the Insurance companies money. Because most of my medical bills are paid by my insurance, like my pills for instant, but then they get paid eventually. Most Doctors are trained in these disorders to handle them with care, but they aren't all in it for the money.

I'd suggest you read some books on Autism, it would give you more than one opinion on this

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