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Originally Posted by GTA
I think there are several doctors that are in the pockets of pharmaceuticals who also profit off of this. It's like everyone needs to be on pills or something. If not by one's own deficiency, by someone else's standards. It's disgusting.
Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper View Post
^Bah, that bunch just wants to sell us more pills.
Doctors get zero revenue from selling pills. At most we get a rep bringing us some samples for our patients and perhaps some brand-name pens at conferences. We doctors do not 'push pills' for the sake of getting people on medications. In fact, prescribing medication without an appropriate diagnosis is malpractice. We prescribe based on research presented in medical journals and at conferences about various diseases, and we don't take that responsibility lightly. We have to live with the results of someone having adverse side effects that may be worse than the medications we prescribe, so we are cautious about using the correct drug for the correct time and at the correct dose.

Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper
Listen, if you're a parent who has a child with ADD or anything like it and the Doctor tries to give you pills, refuse, if your kid is already on Pills, throw them out the window as far as you can.
This is, frankly, horrible advice and should not be followed by anyone. Stopping certain medications abruptly can cause severe health and mental problems. Medications should not be stopped suddenly without consulting a medical professional. Medications should be taken as prescribed. If you don't like the diagnosis by the first professional, get a second or third opinion as needed.
Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper
Your child does not need them, and I did not either.
It would be wise for you to at least get your medical degree, do your residency, and see the patient, first, before you determine a child does not need medication.
Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper
I can function properly without them,
Just because you are able to function without medications does NOT mean others can.

Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper
in fact, often I'd get called up to the offices and get told that they were putting me in a class that was difficult enough for me, because the classes I were in were too much of a cakewalk.
And your experience as one person means everyone else is going to react the same? That assumption is unwise.

Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper
So really, if I had excellent grades in school without popping pills every morning, why can't anyone else?
Because everyone else has different body chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. Have you studied all that for a minimum of 8 years of college and professional school? No? I didn't think so. That's why individuals should consult medical professionals who are thoroughly trained in this condition rather than getting medical advice from a stranger on a Star Wars forum.

Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper
Simple Answer:No reason at all. They all can do it if they work hard enough, just as I and dozens of other people have.
Wonderful for you. Not everyone has brain chemistry and physiology that are exactly the same as yours. "Working hard enough" may be entirely ineffective for those whose brains simply don't have enough of or the correct balance of certain chemicals.

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