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Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper View Post
^Bah, that bunch just wants to sell us more pills.
Listen, if you're a parent who has a child with ADD or anything like it and the Doctor tries to give you pills, refuse, if your kid is already on Pills, throw them out the window as far as you can.
Your child does not need them, and I did not either. I can function properly without them, in fact, often I'd get called up to the offices and get told that they were putting me in a class that was difficult enough for me, because the classes I were in were too much of a cakewalk.
So really, if I had excellent grades in school without popping pills every morning, why can't anyone else?
Simple Answer:No reason at all. They all can do it if they work hard enough, just as I and dozens of other people have.
Sir, this is perhaps the most irresponsible and most ill thought out post I have ever seen here at Lucas Forums, speaking as an individual from a country where the medication is free for individuals with autism, I fail to see why doctors would give out medication unless they thought patients needed them.

I presume my father who has cardiac hyper-tension (and is also a Doctor) should stop taking his medicine and he would still be fine? (Actually he would only live for a few days, before suffering a pulmonary embolism). Furthermore often mentally ill people think they do not need to continue with medication as they feel better; often their families do not share their sentiments.

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