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Just a note: That homeschool thread in ahto: I was just being a cyinical *** hole. (Why so serious?) Though on a side note, I'm glad people *do* care.

Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post

Are you a doctor? Because only Doctors can truly classify disabilities.
Are *you* a doctor? No? Then you're no more qualified than I am.


Calling Autism an "insult" for being called a disability or handicapped is wrong.
That's *not* what I said. Clarification: I was lobbying on behalf of those with autism in the face of those who would try to 'ride' the system. Reread what I said.

Perhaps you should ask clarification instead of going off like that?

Don't confuse what I'm saying: there are people who truly HAVE disabilities. Then there are people who although having problems, do not have disabilities. Fitting into one category or another, yes. Over time these ones have shown they have problems because they don't care to move past them.

I'm on your side!

Clear enough?

Heres why: When you are in wheelchair, that is a disability, but with Autism, Bipolar, and ADHD, they struggle every day, even those who say they don't.
I never said they didn't struggle nor that they weren't problems. However, if you look at the symptoms of ADHD/ADD and bipolar, they could fit almost anyone. If almost anyone could have it, then it is not a disability. It's a problem, but if it is not a set of uncommon or unusual handicaps then I do not see how it qualifies as a disability. Furthermore, the struggles for these people CAN be worked around and controlled so that they lead a productive life.

I'm willing to make exceptions for cases of those who were naturally born with a chemical imbalance or are hardcases of abuse/emotional disturbance/etc.

For ADHD/ADD: How can you tell me it's legitimately a disability when under select cases I.E. playing video games, or cards, or drawing, etc. they can do it for hours and hours on end without taking a break? They can't focus on anything else like that, but they can do it on video games or fun activities? This shows me they CAN continuously focus on a task, but have selective attention and are at least aware of it enough to differentiate from one task to another. Even with meds, the eventual truth is these kinds of people are just going to have to move past their setbacks and function just like everyone else. Yes, it is more difficult for them--but at the same time most of them could have have some advantages most people don't. Enthusiasm, creativity, perspective.
These people don't have the same hindrances that autistic people do.

I have seen people who are diagnosed "bipolar" but when examining their background I've noticed 2 basic but major differences though there is definitely probability of overlap:

1) Those who actually have chemical imbalances in the brain and are a hair's breadth away from being bat **** nuts. These I'd call legitimate disability: Most of them want to get better or at least function on some level of regularity of society. May be unable to, however, because it is beyond their control. (The best artist I ever knew had this problem and schizophrenia on top, but he went on to do great things and even inspired me to keep trying for better.)

2) Others flip out when pressed for a task or stressed in other ways and they also do it more constantly and severely than most people. These latter bipolars don't have the same sort of disadvantage/internal chemical issues that the other bipolars have. They seem just fine for the most part.

EXCEPTION: For some it stems from home issues and abuse--understandable (I'll give the stronger of cases ones a pass, the marginal ones lenient only to a point). However this is not necessarily the majority of these cases, or we'd have a huge problem with child abuse/neglect in this country. These ones may have a tainted point of view because of their experiences. They have hardship mental and emotional scars from horrible treatment they never deserved and may never quite see things rationally because of it.

Where it *isn't* hardcases of abuse/dysfunction, it is that they don't have good control over their emotional outbursts and are very unstable/insecure.
It eventually boils down to "do they care to actually work around it?" All the meds and good counsel in the world can't do for them what they won't do themselves. They don't control their outbursts and as a result do not function to a level of most others in society. Like the ADD/ADHD crowd, these people do not have the same hardship as Autistic people--or their abused/neglected counterparts.

Many mentally handicapped children go into drugs, especially Bipolar kids. I went to a school which dealt with drugs and achohol abuse as well as other disorders,(also was a school for smart kids) and pretty much all of them had disabilities including ADHD, Autism, and Bipolar.
The hole in that argument is: Drugs and alcohol are a coping mechanism to turn to for these people as well as people who don't have these issues.

I'm not saying other types of handicapped like spine injury are lesser, but Autism is much more serious then you assume.

Please point out where I specifically invalidated autism? I was on YOUR SIDE. Go back and reread the post--I never invalidated autism (I was actually lobbying in favor of it while frowning at people who try to ride the system). Please try to clarify what another says instead of assuming what they're saying.

Generally: What I am disgusted with are how quick we (as a society, parents, schools, peers) are to give pills for this, pills for that--for everything in general. If medication is needed, then by all means give them the meds they need. For all others whom are not at least a strong to definite/terminal case--other methods should be sought first. There are so many drugs we give kids nowadays. Although they are considered safe, the long term consequences won't be known for some time. I suggest that instead of risking this damage on patients like guinea pigs, that all other methods be tried first in real earnest.


I'd suggest you read some books on Autism, it would give you more than one opinion on this
You are, again, still assuming I was invalidating autism. I wasn't.

It was a side discussion that I am disgusted how there are so many drugs out there for kids, and how everywhere I turn nowadays: your kid has this problem, get them this drug. Your kid has that problem, have your doctor prescribe them this. I guess I stand corrected about doctors in the mean time.

I could be being unreasonable but, drugs shouldn't be turned to first or second.

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