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1. Drug's are not the only part of the problem. A lot of kids have to have these pills every day, and no I am not a doctor, but my mom is. Want to talk to her?

2. As I said, Medical Insurance companies are the ones who are ripping us off bit by bit, and that is what makes pills so damn expensive. These pills keep kids, say Bipolar, from going depressed, or getting too energetic. That's why pills are such a big deal.

3. You may be right on your opinion of ADHD, but they still do struggle. Yes I see those kids play vid games all day, but that does not mean they are below the spectrum.

4. As I said, pills are necessary, they aren't what tells who you are, they are what helps you with your "issues", and help you get better.

So I wasn't trying to piss you off, but I guess I may have misread your post. I am sorry for that
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