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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
1. Drug's are not the only part of the problem. A lot of kids have to have these pills every day, <snip>

2. As I said, Medical Insurance companies are the ones who are ripping us off bit by bit, and that is what makes pills so damn expensive. These pills keep kids, say Bipolar, from going depressed, or getting too energetic. That's why pills are such a big deal.
So then, what? If they are the stronger cases then they need medications--I'm not really contesting that.

Otherwise, all other options ought to be exhausted first because drugs are not always the best solution. What is best accords to the situaiton and the individual.

I'm not saying drugs aren't needed--they should, however, not be the preferred choice to deal with most every case.

and no I am not a doctor, but my mom is. Want to talk to her?
You were intent on busting my chops because you disagreed with me--so I gave it right back to you. Nothing personal but please try to understand another's sentiment before laying into them.

3. You may be right on your opinion of ADHD, but they still do struggle. Yes I see those kids play vid games all day, but that does not mean they are below the spectrum.
I reiterate: it _IS_ a problem, but you cannot tell me it is absolutely a disability, or that it is beyond the control of the individual.

I never thought I'd say this: I agree w/ TA that students at some point need to step the **** up.

When it comes to underachievement, that's a problem that is not just of parenting, but a societal one as well. We seem to practically embrace and celebrate taking the easy way out, or are used to things being quick and easy.

4. As I said, pills are necessary, they aren't what tells who you are, they are what helps you with your "issues", and help you get better.
Well, you're the one telling everyone else to leave a proper diagnosis to the doctor. Practice what you preach and I won't have a problem.

As a doctor would say: Case by case according to what is best for an individual.

So I wasn't trying to piss you off, but I guess I may have misread your post. I am sorry for that
Very well.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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