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Okay, I don't want to argue anymore with you GTA, you've made your point and so have I. Lets leave it at that.

Originally Posted by Web Rider
autism is overdiagnosed
Not true, while it is more common than other disorders, it is a very low chance that you could have it. Larry King discussed this on CNN

and has in many ways become the next "fad" disorder.
Source? Autism is more important than you think.

there's a "burden complex" among a lot of parents who think having a "special needs" child makes them oh-so holier than thou
All parents think their child is important, or even more important than others, so Autistic Kid Parents are not much different than normal parents. They have to go through a lot, especially with low-functioning Autism

Which only puts more pressure on reasonable doctors to misdiagnose kids in order to make a living.
Only qualified doctors can be truly sure it is Autism, usually psychiatrists.

Of course, the kids who lord their mild autism or aspergers over others like they're superior humans piss me off to no end.
Really, because usually Autistic children are either bullied, harassed, or made fun of because they are "weird" to other kids. I've seen this at many schools which hold both Autistic and Normal Kids. So, in fact, they don't Lord it over other people. Aspergers is a beautiful experience which only few can be in it, but that doesn't mean they/we are better than you or others.

People need to stop being so obsessed with being such special little snowflakes.
Its not an obsession, it's a serious issue that many have addressed. This debate is over that issue. As Jae said we all have a little abnormality in us.
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