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Originally Posted by Web Rider
Which only puts more pressure on reasonable doctors to misdiagnose kids in order to make a living.
There are plenty enough sick people out there that we reasonable docs don't need to intentionally misdiagnose in order to 'make a living'. Secondly, misdiagnosing leads to a. lawsuits and b. loss of license and c. loss of career. Thirdly, intentionally misdiagnosing to gain more revenue is called fraud, and will get us put in jail along with getting slapped with hefty fines, so we don't do that. OK, there are a rare few try to do that, but they get caught eventually.
If there is going to be a misdiagnosis, it's far more likely that it's because the doctor was skipping doing tests in order to see more patients in a day, and thus missing critical signs of disease. There are 2 people in my entire career of working with hundreds of doctors who I would report to the state boards, and both were running patients through the mill and not doing tests they should have been doing. As a result, they didn't diagnose the diseases that were patently obvious to any 2nd year medical student if they'd just taken the time to look properly. I have read a story about cataracts being over-diagnosed by a surgeon in Chicago, so that the surgeon could get the revenue by doing the surgeries, but that guy ended up in jail after getting caught doing that a few years later.

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