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In the ROTS novel, even as good at his invented form (Vapaad) as Mace was (to compensate for the near millennia deterioration of the 7th form Juyo due to impracticality after the ruusan reformation), he couldn't help but to admire Obi-Wan at his mastery of soresu.

The convo went something like this:

"You, Kenobi, are the master of Soresu. I have every faith you can counter General Greivous with your technique."

"Well I thank you for your praise calling me a master--"

"Not a master, the master--its philosophy, is so like you, Obi-Wan. It is who you are."

Personal comment: do not misinterpret Soresu's defensive philosophy. As a real life swordsman I give the caveat of Miyamoto Musashi: "If you wait for the attack, defend against it, and only then go in for an attack by parrying and striking, you are making extra work for yourself. Moreover there is always the possibility of missing the 'block'." He goes on to come to: "When you are returning the attack to the enemy after he has attacked you, you are permitting your rhythm and timing to be controlled by him. Regardless how well you fight, you are on the defensive. You should strive to be neither offensive nor defensive. These ideas can force the mind to stop its flow of consciousness and get you killed in a fight."
(Musashi's book of five rings: Book of wind, incorrect carriage and warrior attitudes).

Just a bit of "strategy" from one of Japan's greatest swordsmen.

I say knowing which 'forms' are practical for a situation and knowing how to "shift gears" and rise to the occasion when the situation changes is best. I see a lot in EU that is potentially very misleading.

But back to the point about what "roles" accurately described movie characters...
Mace was undeniably a knight, Obi-Wan may have had the attitude of a consular but had the skill of a knight so in his own way a sentinel. Yoda I'd say much the same b/c in AOTC he is regarded as a great swordsman as his dueling skills could outdo Dooku and (A Younger) Windu.

Anakin Skywalker, well, mostly a knight but not shy to use his powers where he could not beat his opponents with his blade.

I dunno. Categorizing like this can often times be more of a limitation, a label. Not accurately describing anyone. Besides, in TSL you get forms depending on what class you are and, from whom depends on what order you visit them. I.E. Kavar knowing Juyo is to be expected, but in reality you could learn it from Vrook or Zez-Kai Ell. (If playing dark sided, Zez-Kai Ell actually benefits most from using Juyo, as his critical strike is even deadlier now. Against Vrook, no real difference, actually I think it made him easier.)

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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