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Originally Posted by JM2
2. As I said, Medical Insurance companies are the ones who are ripping us off bit by bit, and that is what makes pills so damn expensive. These pills keep kids, say Bipolar, from going depressed, or getting too energetic. That's why pills are such a big deal.
Oh really? So then it's not Big Pharma that makes the expensive meds, but the mean ole insurance company that causes them to be oh-so-expensive? Gee, wouldn't it be nice if you could just grow them on trees in your own backyard. So, who's supposed to subsidize "your" meds? Everyone else (through taxes or higher med costs of their own)?

@Jae--I agree. It's also why BO's calculated insult to doctors was so stupid. There are doctors that break the law, but there are people in a whole slew of other professsions that do also. To suggest that they do operations JUST to line their pockets was unnecessarily and incorrectly offensive. That's politics, though, I guess...

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