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Originally Posted by RebornWookiee View Post
A poll that i read somewhere on the forums. Ask around i guarantee u more people want a single player k3.
Somewhere on these forums? These are KotOR forums, so I think the audience might be a bit skewed. Words like "guarantee" are too strong for something that cannot be proven.

Originally Posted by RebornWookiee
They were actually well into production on k3 and had a complete storyline but the only reason they did not finish it was because a lot of LA employess were laid off that were working on k3 and they just decided to cancel it because they figured an MMO would be more profitable.
I agree they found it more profitable. Profits are driven by sales, which are driven by demand. The demand for an MMO must be big enough for LA to determine it's more profitable than a single player K3. Granted, the margins are probably higher on an MMO, but so are the costs for server maintenance, software updates, and labor costs associated with the development of such a massive story. So your point that they found it more profitable inherently implies that they also determined the demand would be more (or at least sufficient enough) to supplant the single player K3 project. In other (more simpler) words, more people want the MMO.

I'd like to point out that I would definitely prefer the single player K3, as would most on these forums, but we are not in the majority.

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