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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
You'd have to be Autistic to know I've always been smarter than those in my class, mostly because I think it has been my Aspergers syndrome. It is thought to affect a person's intelligence, usually positively
I don't intend to dismiss your opinion out of hand, but the "you've got to be it to know it" response doesn't say much to me. The corollary of that would be that you would be unable to evaluate other viewpoints. If that's true then I see no possible justification for saying the autistic experience should be described as beautiful (at least, no more than anyone else's). If intelligence is the sole criterion then many people have the same "beautiful experience" without Asperger's, something I guess you'd contest.

I am still curious if you would mind at least attempting to describe why you would say that having Asperger's is a beautiful experience. It's just this kind of terminology reminds me of a case a while back of a blind couple who thought being blind was the best experience, and proceeded to try to have a blind child (something I consider to be effectively maiming another person).
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