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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
You seem so sure of that. If you go around expressing this opinion in real life like you have here you're in for a lifetime of misery, because people will stop at nothing to make you look stupid. You've been warned.
That's your opinion, not all people are what you say they are, in fact most I find are okay. As the wise man says "Don't judge people before you meet em" . So pretty much life is not a down in the dumps as you say it is, life is a wonderful experience, no matter what brings you down

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I don't intend to dismiss your opinion out of hand, but the "you've got to be it to know it" response doesn't say much to me. The corollary of that would be that you would be unable to evaluate other viewpoints. If that's true then I see no possible justification for saying the autistic experience should be described as beautiful (at least, no more than anyone else's).
I am still curious if you would mind at least attempting to describe why you would say that having Asperger's is a beautiful experience. It's just this kind of terminology reminds me of a case a while back of a blind couple who thought being blind was the best experience, and proceeded to try to have a blind child (something I consider to be effectively maiming another person).[/QUOTE]

Usually the best things can't be or are hard to describe. Autism is not a stereotype, while it has taken decades for scientists to really explore its characteristics. Being Blind and Being Autistic are different. They affect different parts of your body, so I add up that you guys think that Autism is just another sad disease that makes people crazy, it is not.

Here is why:

Autism does affect the brain, but there are different variations of it as I said in the opening post. High Functioning Autistic People, Aspergers being in this category, usually are very intelligent, have special talent, and they are also have been known to have big heads. Low Functioning Autistic People have symptoms similar to down's syndrome, but are a little higher functioning. They have little to no vocal communication skills, but can communicate with visual signs, some are lucky to have average vocal skills, people say they walk funny, they also are known to have tantrums more often than the normal two-three year old. However, some scientists are beginning to wonder if the lower functioning Autistic people are actually smarter than the higher functioning, but have no way to express it. The show House has one episode focused on Autism


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