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I used to love downhill skiing but burnt out on it. Tahoe Basin holds fond memories of snowsporting for me. Tried snowboarding and wanted to pursue but I was so burnt out on skiing.

Corss country was never a thing of mine, but I can appreciate it.

Snowshoeing is similar but it seemed to have a little more traction with me.

Snowmobiling when I could afford to go on a tour. (No way I could afford one of those beasts of my own.)

Snowballs and other projectiles are sitll a favorite.

My dog loves to attack the snow I shovel.

Jumping off a roof into powder snow and trying out my gymnastics which have deteriorated over the past 13 years. I can't even do a back flip or a front flip anymore. So it's just pretending I'm Mick Foley, snow permitting.

Otherwise it's snow removal for $$$. And hibernation.
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