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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Generally: What I am disgusted with are how quick we (as a society, parents, schools, peers) are to give pills for this, pills for that--for everything in general.
Yep, the quick-fix pill. It's amazing how many people are obsessed with that sort of thing.

Originally Posted by Web Rider
IMO, autism is overdiagnosed, and has in many ways become the next "fad" disorder. There's a "burden complex" among a lot of parents who think having a "special needs" child makes them oh-so holier than thou.
Another common belief of mine

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
We have to live with the results of someone having adverse side effects that may be worse than the medications we prescribe, so we are cautious about using the correct drug for the correct time and at the correct dose.
I take it from the use of "we", that you're a doctor, Jae? Correct me if I'm mistaken.

Not all doctors likely care as much as you do. I was prescribed a nasal spray to deal with vasomotor rhinitis, which as it turns out, was the addictive/habit-forming kind (Flonase, I believe), though he did insist otherwise. Now, I can't say whether he was scheming to misdiagnose me, or just did so out of ignorance/some other reason, but essentially he prescribed me something I didn't need. Now, I realize seasonal colds are a little different compared to mental disorders, but still. There is malpractice out there.

Originally Posted by Evil Q
If you don't believe me, then go ahead and broadcast how "smart" you are. You'll learn eventually that people don't appreciate it and will make a fun game out of proving you wrong.
Seriously. An issue of humility though.

Originally Posted by Jonathon MK
Aspergers being in this category, usually are very intelligent, have special talent, and they are also have been known to have big heads.
I read some prose written by a person with asperger's and they described it as... well "Hell". Can't find the page for the life of me though.

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