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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
You'd have to be Autistic to know I've always been smarter than those in my class, mostly because I think it has been my Aspergers syndrome. It is thought to affect a person's intelligence, usually positively
Whether you mean it this way or not, this comment comes across as incredibly arrogant. You may be in that position now. One thing I've learned in life, however, is that there is always someone who is brighter, better, more talented, wiser, more gifted, more 'X', than I am. It would be unwise to assume that you're always going to be the most intelligent person around. I would recommend the entire book of Proverbs to you, but particularly verses 17:28 and 26:12.

Edit: @VarsityPuppet: Yes, I'm a doctor. And off on a tangent, Flonase is a corticosteroid, and isn't considered addictive. Now, the over-the-counter 'neo-sinephrine' sprays can be 'addictive', in that you get a rebound swelling once the spray wears off about 4-ish hours later, so people get caught in the vicious cycle of swelling, relief, more swelling, needing more of the spray to get relief, more swelling, more spray, etc. It's not technically a true addiction because the rebound swelling does go down after a relatively short time, but people don't like that feeling at all. Since I suffer from vasomotor rhinitis myself (rather annoying condition, if pretty innocuous otherwise), I've found Flonase or Atrovent sprays to be very helpful, Atrovent happens to work better for me. I've used both for years depending on the time of year (only bothers me during allergy season now), and I can go on or off of them at any time, following my allergist's recommendations, with no adverse effects.

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