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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
You'd have to be Autistic to know I've always been smarter than those in my class, mostly because I think it has been my Aspergers syndrome. It is thought to affect a person's intelligence, usually positively
Not necessarily true and this is coming from someone who knows what type of mind you have.

What you have is talents that a lot of people don't have. That part is positive. Here's the negative part. You also have weaknesses that a lot of people don't have and you just exploited it by your comment alone.

What you exploited was your lack of tact in your statements. You came off as arrogant like Jae pointed out. I bet you didn't even think twice you were being that way when you originally said it. In fact, you probably were oblivious to that fact until pointed out just now in a sense if you didn't read Jae's statement first.

Making friends and forming close relationships is actually harder for you than your typical average human being. But at the same time those you have bonded with you really formed really strong bonds with.

You probably offend many without realizing it and I bet there were times you find out later and those moments from time to time have surprised you when you did find out trying to figure out what you did wrong.

If anything, be grateful for your strengths that comes with Asperger's and some humility for them while studying other people in their interactions with each other and learn to blend in without sticking out too much with small things like mannerisms.

There are gifts and curses with Asperger's. That's why it's a considered a disability because it does have its weaknesses. The key is to realize those and work on them as it will take years to get better at those.

Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
Welcome to the club!
It's a club I've officially known I'm in for the last 9 years. I went 25 years of my life not knowing it. Like a lot of kids these days, they get diagnosed very early in life and have support throughout their childhood. That wasn't me. I grew up without that type of support. And I admit there were times I felt isolated and alone as I realized I was different, but didn't understand it.

You see, I graduated high school in 1994, the year the Asperger's was an official diagnosis. That's why I didn't know it when growing up.

My goal in life is that if you get a chance to know me is that is is hard to see that I have Asperger's. I really want the average person I come across to not notice it. I guess that comes with years of practice of not knowing before the age of 25 doesn't go away easy as I still try to come off as just an ordinary person even though if you meet me in real life, I'm about 6'7" and 275 LBS.

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